Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Calling

I believe we are called to do "something" to aid in God's name to be known around the world. Does He need us? Absolutely not! But that's what makes Him so cool. He chooses to allow us to walk alongside Him.

He teaches us, He guides us, He mentors us. 

It's the same as when I allow my kids to help make cookies with me. Do I need them to help me? NOPE! But do I see the value in it, ABSOLUTELY! There are so many wins in baking with them. I am teaching them a life skill in baking, in parenting, in working together, in accomplishing a task, and in how to having fun. Why would they not help?

I believe that's God's view with us. It enriches our lives and I believe He finds true joy when He works with His kids. 

What has He called you to? Be it an honest and trustworthy business person, a loving and kind teacher, a friendly Starbucks barista, a Pastor's wife, a mama to crazy kids, whatever it is, God has called you to walk alongside Him in life. To reach out to others and love them as Jesus does. 

In college (17 years ago-woah that means I'm old) I remember praying for the eyes of Jesus. To simply see past the exterior and into the heart as Jesus does.  To love people where they are and appreciate them for how He created them. 

So what's my calling? "To compassionate seek and encourage young females to grasp the depth of God's abounding love for them and apply it to all relationships" (my life statement written as 20 year old).

Many people look at me as Pastor Derry's wife. Although I hold that position with great honor and joy, God has called me to more. 

To love Himself, to guide students, young women, and my kids to His side. Knowing we all are cracked vessels patched up by the King. 

How can He patch up your vessel? Will you allow Him to teach and guide you? Will you love and walk alongside someone as He has walked with you?

What is your calling?

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