Sunday, October 25, 2015

Noonday Collection & the Prenkerts

I first became aware of Noonday Collection this summer while listening to the Happy Hour Podcast with Jamie Ivey.  I became very intrigued with its philosophy and wanted to learn more.

In short, Noonday was founded by Jessica Honegger after her trip to Uganda.  She met some local artisans, purchased their work and decided to sell it back home to help raise money for their adoption.  After having a great response from those who purchased this art, her vision began to grow beyond fundraising.

Jessica teamed up with a friend, Travis Wilson to begin their dream of starting a business that would alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship.  Noonday Collection was born  and it uses fashion to create opportunities for families around the world.  They are a fair trade company.

The Prenkert's Involvement 
A few weeks ago I received a phone call from Traci Gongwer, a fellow adoptive mom, who told me about her sister, Stacy Miller being an Ambassador for Noonday.  An Ambassador helps to promote and sell these awesome pieces of fashion art.  Traci wanted to hold a Trunk Show (a show that displays and sells this art work) in our area for Noonday.

One really cool thing that Noonday does is they give 10% of what is earned to a family in the process of adoption to help alleviate the high costs.  It is a win-win-win.  The artists around the world are providing for their families, families are one step closer to bringing a child home to their forever family, and awareness is gained.  Not to mention some pretty cool fashion is purchased.

Traci offered to hold a Trunk Show on our behalf.  So 10% of all of the sales will go directly to our adoption costs.

This Sunday, November 1:  2-5 pm at Nelson's Banquet Hall (607 Nelsons Pkwy, Wakarusa, IN) is the Trunk Show.  Stacy will share about Noonday, I will share about our adoption and you will have the opportunity to purchase some awesome fashion.  It is an open house so you need not to stay the whole time.

If you cannot make it to the show but would still like to purchase an item, you can do so ONLINE HERE.  This link will take you to Stacy Miller's Ambassador page. Please make sure after you make your selections that your basket reads as "Traci Gongwer's" show.

Check out some of the products HERE.

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