Sunday, June 03, 2007

Aaron & Hur

For NYGO our team is working through the MAX Q devotional book. One day in particular we read Exodus 17: 8-16. This passage talks about the Battle the Joshua was fighting and Moses told him that when his (Moses') hands were raised, the battle will be won. Well, after a long time, Moses' arms grew tired. His two friends, Aaron & Hur, held up his hands when he could no longer do so.

I am reminded of my Aaron & Hur. Below you will see my response I wrote in:

"I was reminded of the importance of having an Aaron and Hur in your life. Individuals who can push you forward when you want to give up; encourage you toward Christ when your faith is waivering; and speak truth to you when you are out of line.

I was reminded of my Aaron and Hur. Besides Derry, I have two individuals in my life that hold my hands up when I an too tired to continue and we are losing the battle. Those friends are Katie Weiss and Mindy Graverson. Both are very important to me, both very different (like day 3 talks about). I need both of them in my life because they keep me accountable on different areas of my life. I love them dearly and Praise God for two friends who will push me forward when I want to give up.

Thanks to Mindy & Katie! "

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same about you. You are truly special to me! I love you!