Thursday, March 29, 2007

What, a New Post?

Yes it is true. For all of my valued fans; which is probably my 'rents, a new post.

What to say I think...not a whole lot. Life has been moving at a brisk pace (meaning it is going fast, not like I've been busy).

Tuesday Night, I got a call from my friend Marie. We've tried to connect for some time and well it happened! Marie was a great friend in high school. She always made me laugh and took me under her wing. We always joked around saying she was my body guard.

Nothing new under the sun! Enjoy spring...I am my flowers are already up! YEAH!!

1 comment:

Kristy Mikel said...

Wait, wait...shhhh...listen...I think you're blogspot is talking to you...
"Update me, please, update me!"

Hope you have a RELAXING weekend as much as possible. You know, in the midst of traveling to endless open houses! Love you!