Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Before I die..."

I am sitting in a location that has different elements of interaction.  A fireplace directly behind me, a coffee/bookstore to my right, large windows where I watch the snow gently make it's way to the ground. But to my right I also see two large boards that say “Before I Die…”  

Written in chalk are colorful dreams and desires including "To be a mom", "Fly a plane", “Host SNL”.  The SNL one made me smile and giggle simultaneously.

As I sit and type, a teacher enters the room with about eight 4 year olds.  She brings them to some chairs by the fire and has them sit down.  She explains what the boards say and proceeds to ask the children what they would like to do before they die.

One little boy says, “I want to bake an apple pie with my grandma.  She is in heaven.”

A little girl says, “Go to the park.”

And still others shot out many fun ideas.  These kids may or may not understand the question asked to them.  But as I watched them answer I saw excitement and wonder dance within their eyes.

I now sit and ponder that question, “Before I Die…”

So many thoughts flood my mind “skydive”, “go to Australia”.  Then I allow my mind to fall deeper into that question.  What do I really want to do before I die?   Probably the more appropriate question is, “What legacy do you want to leave Janelle?”

  •  To love Jesus my whole life through.  When I die, I want my life to have reflected that of Christ.
  • To guide my children in the way of loving Jesus with their whole life.  And to love Him as He created them, in their own way.
  • To bring awareness of issues that plague my heart.  Some of which, but not limited to: adoption and the orphan crisis, those caught in slavery around the world, and to love people as God designed them to be.
  • To disciple and encourage females in life.
  • To write a book to my kids.  Explaining all I have gone through and how Jesus has transformed my life.
Oh the list I can create of what I want to do before I die.  But honestly, what I REALLY want to do before I die is to live out the Great Commandment;  to love Jesus and to love people.

What would you write on the board marked “Before I Die…”?

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