Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Story Behind the Shirt: Change the World

The quote "Change the world one life at a time" has become a life motto for me. 

It all began back in my early 20s.  Fresh out of college, newly married and in the early ministry years. I was passionate about wanting to change the world but was overwhelmed at the thought of it. 

Knowing I wasn't gifted to reach the masses like Billy Graham, I became discouraged. For some reason we think  the only way to change the world is to preach it from a stage in front of thousands of people. I too was held captive by this thought. 

Then one day my eyes were opened and my life changed. I was at a conference for youth workers and one of the companies there had an experience. Their quote "you have one life, do something" resonated deep with in me. 

As I waked through this experience, listening, reading, watching, my heart began to transform. I realized that the most effective way to change the world is with those lives surrounding me.  I didn't need to stand in front of thousands, I didn't need to write some profound book. I just needed to be me, Janelle Prenkert. God has already gifted me. Embrace it and start impacting people. 

So that's what I did. And the life quote "change the world one life at a time" was born in my heart. 

Fast forward 15 years. I am joyful at the opportunities God has allowed me to change the world. Be it in teens, family members, kids, people around the world or through my blog. With the help of my Heavenly Father, I know I am making an impact on this world, one life at a time. 

My prayer is when you wear this shirt you will be inspired to change your world. Invest. Love. Empower. 

You can purchase this shirt in my etsy store YippaDeeSkip or message me and I can tell you other options. 

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