Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lessons From My Friends: Investing in Others

This friend is a friend to many.  Why? Because she is a person who believes in people.  Whether it is a student viewed as the "underdog",  the star athlete, the woman she has never met being trafficked thousands of miles away, the mother of 3 toddlers or 2 teenagers, the woman going through the empty nest, or the 3 year old daughter of a youth pastor and his wife, Cindi Lantz speaks/shows love without boundaries.

It doesn't matter what age you are, what nationality or your gender.  Cindi believes in all people and comes alongside God to help show them their full potential.

Cindi is a multiplier.  She takes the gifts God has given her and uses them to the best of her ability to help advance His kingdom.

Cindi is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary God.  What makes Cindi stand out is she surrenders herself and her abilities to her Savior and He uses her to help change the lives of people.

Cindi has changed many lives.  She has changed my life and I see her doing it in my 3 yr old daughter.  She inspires me to continue investing, even when I am exhausted, because it is worth it!  In the end it's all about getting people to Jesus and helping them see their "FULL" (John 10:10) life that God intends for them.  With the hope they will do the same for others.

Cindi, I applaud you.  Thank you for investing in me, my daughter and the many of other women, children, teens, family members, friends of your children, children around the world, children in the intercity....and so on. 

May God richly bless you as you have richly blessed so many.

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