Wednesday, June 04, 2008

30 is Good.

Yesterday was a fun day!

The AM
Played with Katylynn
Went and hung out with a former Mentee and her fiance. She lives in Georgia now so I hardly see her. It was cool to hear what God is doing in her life right now
Went to McDonalds with Katie & Mindy.

The Afternoon
Stayed at home and chilled for a bit

The Evening
My super cool surprise party! I've never had one, it was awesome. Derry invited all of my favorite people (my parents even made the journey from Fort Wayne) .

He had all of my favorite food. Subway sandwiches, Olive Garden Salad & Breadsticks, Ice cream cake from DQ (the Disney princesses were supposed to be on it, but they screwed up and put Barbie. I really don't like Barbie, but I found it hilarious! Derry, not so much.) And not to mention all of my favorite candy. Hot Tamales, Sour Patch Kids and my new favorite Milk Duds.

I had 30 candles on my cake, I almost blew them all out in one breath...I missed two. In my defense one went out and came back on. It was weird. And it wasn't a trick candle!

We hung out and talked for a bit. I got some really cool cards and presents. Some crazy silly, some not. I loved them all!

Afterwards the Weiss & Graverson & Prenkert families all hung out. We threw rocks into the lake with our left hand. To much surprise, Marty is horrible at left handed throwing. Katie not so much better, her's went about 1 foot. The other one went sideways. How do you do that?

Finally we made it home and I had one more surprise. All of my special people wrote me a note and stuck it in a balloon. I popped the balloon and wala, a note. Some of my favorites were from the kids. Ty & David wrote in their own fun fashion. Emma & Hanah wrote it themselves. It was so cool. But by far my favorite was my Dad's. It said, "Do you remember what you were doing 30 years ago today?" That made me laugh for a bit.

It was a super fun night! Something I really needed. Thank you to all of my friends and family who came and showed your love to me. I love you back!

Some pics from the night!

When they yelled surprise, I freak and started to close the door. Then I thought, wait I cannot do that! So I went back in.

Here is the cake I was talking about.

BALLOONS! Katylynn just discovered these and loves them!

My super cool friends. Mindy & Katie. Cool pic by Derry.

My Super Cool Family!

Thanks everyone for making my day awesome. Thanks to my awesome husband who pulled off yet another surprise. I love him so much! To see Derry's perspective, click here.

30 is Good!

I think this is my longest post ever!

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Rachael Thompson said...

Oh Janelle! I wanted to be there so bad. Very sorry that I missed it. I have been playing nurse, mom, wife, and any other role. It sounds like you had a great time!