Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm Six Months Old Today

Yep, six months ago I was born. Hard to believe I'm as big as I am. Mom says that the clothes I am wearing now she thought I would never fit into. Well, I still dont fit into them fully, they're a bit loose yet.

Life as a six month old is great. I roll EVERYWHERE, I put whatever is close to me in my mouth, and I love to stand and jump. I even like it when mom or dad throw me in the air.

I'm on solid foods now. I didn't like the regular rice cereal, but mixed with bananas...YUMMY!

I love my dog, we're pals. He lets me "pet" him and lay on him. He's a pretty cool dog!

Well life is good. Hope all is well with you.



Kristy Mikel said...

Yeah!!! Happy 1/2 Birthday to cutie Katylynn!!!

Anonymous said...

help how do i do this blogging thing?? haha...
--miss lincoln