Sunday, May 11, 2008

HAPPY Mother's Day

This was truly a HAPPY Mother's Day. For the past 6 years Mother's Day was always difficult. Although I was happy for other mothers, my heart ached.

Last year had to be the toughest. My heart was never as heavy as it was last year. During the baby dedication at church, it took everything within me not to break down and loose it. I was genuinely happy, but hurting because I couldn't understand why I wasn't a mother yet.

I remember sitting in service almost in tears when I heard God say, "Don't worry, next year will be different. Hang in there." I believed Him, but told myself that if I do not have a baby by Mother's Day, I will not be going to service because it is just too painful.

Well, God was right. Things are different. We have Katylynn and Mother's Day was awesome! Thanks God!

Dress Made By Grandma Jeanette

Grandma "Nana" Pat

Asleep Again in Grandma Jeanette's Arms


Jackie said...

Beautiful mother.
Beautiful baby.
Beautiful dress.
God Bless you!
Aunt Jackie

Linnea said...

So happy for you! Gina