Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crazy Story

So, yesterday I was leaving Meijer and as I was leaving, an 18-20 year old male walked out of the other door. Next thing I know three people ran out of the door after him. 2 Meijer employees and a woman dressed like me (shorts, t-shirt and ponytail). They stopped him and the next thing I noticed was the woman flashed a badge that read "FBI". They said something to him, he turn and was escorted back inside. The poor guy had a confused look on his face.

Questions that went through my mind:
1. What did he do?
2. Did I really just see that?
3. Was that really an FBI badge?
4. What is the FBI doing at Meijer in Goshen?
5. Why was the woman "undercover"?
6. What just happened?


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