Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Heart Melting Moment

Tonight after service I came home and sat on the couch with Katylynn. I often watch her as she makes funny faces, sleeps, eats, poops...let's just say I stare at her a lot! It is amazing how fast time goes when I stare at her. As many of you know infants have that glazed over look on their face. Sometimes they smile, but honestly you know it is because they have gas or a funny dream.

I cannot wait for the day when she responds to me.

Tonight I had about a minute with Katylynn that brought tears to my eyes. As I sat on the couch with her, I looked into her eyes and that glaze disappeared, she smiled at me and reached for me face. As she touched my face she kept smiling.

I was in awe! In awe at the fact that she recognized me. In awe in the fact that she is my daughter. In awe that I was chosen to raise this girl.

I think this thing of being a mother is starting to settling in.

What a special time, what a special gift, what a special life.

I love you Katylynn...You my dear are precious.


Kalyn Lantz said...

Janelle, I am so so proud of you! You are an amazing mother! Not only to Katylynn but to the rest of us girls in the youth group! I am forever thankfulfor you!

Cindi said...

Ditto from one of those "girls in the youth group"'s mother ! You have invested well into lives while you were waiting on God for your own child to invest in. thanks for not wasting your time while you waited!