Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I Am Thankful For

I was asked to give my testimony at the communion service at church tonight. The following is what I read:

There are many things I am thankful for.

~I am thankful for a husband who chooses to follow Christ & whose character, integrity & love are one that inspires multiplication.
~I am thankful for family and friends who love and support even through difficult times.
~Iam thankful for a church who surrounds each other and loves.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for two remarkable girls 17 years apart.

The story of my thankfulness begins nearly 6 years ago. Derry and I were married in 2000. It was during the following year that we decided having a family might be something cool.

So we began trying. After a couple of years of disappointment and confusion, we decided to seek medical help. We both were tested and everything seemed to come out ok. The reason for not being pregnant…time. So we waited.

I remember times of desperation where I cried out to God wondering why he wasn’t hearing my cry. God would often console my cries with the reminder of his promise: “Trust in me with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge me and I will make your paths straight.”

My response: “God, I trust you…but why so long?”

Time continued to pass on. Medical procedures were done with no success. Again I cried out. Again I heard, “I promise you will be a mom, trust me.”

My response: “God, I trust you…but why so long?”

So many times I felt defeated and often wondered why God choose to wait. I questioned Him, got mad, cried and became very frustrated. There were times when the only hope I had was just a thin thread, but I hung on.

This August, things started to change. God started saying to me, “The time is coming…hang on.”

In August we were introduced to a 17 year old girl named Emily. Emily is a bright, sweet, loving girl that is far from ordinary. If one were to look at her, they would notice that she “messed up”. In August, Emily was 6 months pregnant. She chose life and chose to place her child in a two parent home.

Derry and I were never so confused in our lives. We often thought that adoption could be in our future, but to be parents in October….WHAT?

We continued the process at a very fast rate. Our emotions were on quite a rollercoaster as we waited to hear if we were going to be the parents of this little girl.

On October 23, 2007 we received a call from the adoption agency saying, “get ready, you are about to be parents.” It was during this time we heard God say “Now it’s time.”

And on Thursday, November 8, 2007 @ 7:43PM, God’s promise came full circle. Our daughter Katylynn Ivy Prenkert was born. On Saturday, November 10, 2007 @ 8:30 PM we walked out of the hospital doors with God’s promise; our daughter.

Here is Katylynn Ivy Prenkert, a testimony to God’s faithfulness and love.

We realize how blessed we are. We are blessed to have Katylynn in our lives. We are blessed that this adoption process happened so quickly. We are blessed to have very supportive family and friends. We are blessed that God chose us to raise this little one.

If we were to get pregnant prior to this, we probably wouldn’t have Katylynn. We understand God’s timing is best. For this, I will continue to “Trust in Him with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding and in all my ways acknowledge Him, for he will make my path straight.”

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