Monday, September 10, 2007

Poor Barnabas...

Barnabas, our 8 year old Black Lab had an unfortunate visit to the vet today. Let's say he wasn't too thrilled.

The visit started off fine. Very inquisitive with all the new sights, smells and people. He was everywhere. He made me laugh really.

Then, the pain started in. The workers had to hold him down while blood was drawn and was "violated". Finally he received a shot.

That poor guy, what a trooper.

Barnabas' positive responses from his be outing:

1. I made 2 new friends. I especially like the woman. She kept telling me I was "alright". yeah, that's right, I'm outta sight!

2. I got two yummy dog treats. Chicken flavored. Yeah I digged them. I was only supposed to get one, but once it hits the hand, it's fair game!

3. despite the violation, I must admit, I am ok being disease free.

4. I totally made my mom feel bad. I guilted her into taking me on a walk. I know how to work it!

Way to Go Buddy!!

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