Monday, December 28, 2015

Life with 4

This morning as my brain woke up (it usually takes a couple of hours and a glass of Diet Mt. Dew) I found myself full of joy and a bit overwhelmed. 

One child, writing a story. Another child, reading a book. The third child, learning her shapes. And the fourth, eating. 

I was full of joy thinking that 9 years ago my heart ached for children and I had none. Now there are 4 within 10 feet of me. 

In the same breath I was overwhelmed. Each one required attention and I found myself breathing deep and saying, "just a sec!"

I had to come to grips of my plans today to defunk my house of Christmas were thrown out my icy window. 

At the same time I find myself frustrated and at peace. 

In the quiet of the last 10 minutes, i wrote this post. Now within the few minutes the crazy has kicked in again. (That last sentence literally took me 5 minutes to write). 

I'd love to write more, but the crying baby calls for me. 

Oh the life with we go! 

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