Friday, June 17, 2011

Lessons From My Friends: Laughter

This one is extra special for me because she first was my mentee. Kelsey Bullock cracks me up. It all started on a mission trip to Ecuador when we were "roomies". She was like 16 or17 and I was not much older than that (about 22 or 23). There were many times when we were so tired that we just laughed and laughed.  And to you Kels I say "Dios le Bendiga Butthole!"

Kelsey is on the far left crossing her arms.
 Kelsey has this way at laughing at life.  When something is difficult, she laughs through it.  When things are embarrassing, she laughs at the moment.  When something is funny, she laughs extra hard.

Kelsey is a joy to be around and if you have been with her for 5 minutes, you are loved and probably laughing.

She is now doing ministry alongside her husband Brad in Fort Wayne and doing a kick butt job!  I'm so proud of her!

Kels is about to have her 3rd child.  She is a great mom and I'm sure keeps her family laughing at the chaos 3 kids under 4 can bring.

Thanks Kelsey for keeping me laughing and teaching me to laugh through life.  It's a whole lot more fun!

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Kelsey said...

I know you wrote this after hearing my "gut hanging out" story on Sunday!! hahaha. :) LOVE YOU janelle, thanks for being the best mentor ever! so excited for you guys as you go pick up baby #2!!! yay yay yay!!!