Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Poor Tortured Student Intern

Every Thursday our Student Intern has to do a task that most times embarrasses her. Sometimes it's singing and dancing on a stage. Sometimes it's doing head stands that result in rug burns.

Since this is my last Thursday at work, Kristy and I decided to go out with a bang. Well, it didn't turn out as we planned. IT WAS BETTER! And the great thing is Kristy got it on tape.

Preface: Katie isn't normally in a wheelchair. Just for this fun time.


Post Accident Interview....


Sorry Katie. We love and appreciate you. Thanks for putting up with us on Thursdays.


Kelsey said...

i'm laughing my head off!! i also liked that you were having fun until you heard the phone say, "janelle?" :) thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

OK that was hilarious! Three of my favorite people! Oh Katie, you need some Yoder popcorn after that! Come on over! Love , Leslie