Monday, September 08, 2008

She's 10 Months Old

I cannot believe she is this old already. Here are some of my favorite pics from this past month.

This is her ornery face.

She's talking again. I love hearing her speak.

She loves her Nana Pat.

Silly Daddy & Katylynn

She loves zerberting.

Baby Fauxhawk

She has such a pretty smile.

Mommy & Baby Girl.

Go Colts!


Kalyn said...

I want a Katylynn hug right now!!!

Kelsey said...

AMAZING!! It goes fast, huh? She looks like a little booger like Brenna! :) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

She absolutely can't get any cuter! Or have better parents! Love you, Leslie

Rhonda said...

She is just so cute. I love the fat rolls!