Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm 12 Years Old

Today, twelve years ago I gave my heart to God. So I thought. I went to take a picture of what I wrote in my bible and I noticed that my spiritual birthday was actually Sept 12. How do I forget a date as important as that?

I thought it was funny. I hope you celebrate what God can do in your life as he has done in my life. Before Christ I thought my life was meaningless and going nowhere. I thought that nothing good could ever happen to me because I had "screwed up" too much. Well, God has a sense of humor. Now I am working alongside Him in ministry helping students who feel like they've "screwed up".

It's a fun and crazy ride! I hope your experience has been good as good as mine.

Tell me about your experience!

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Anonymous said...

Even though I was raised in a christian home and got saved at a young age, I drifted and lived my teen years and most of my adult life for myself. After hitting bottom after ending a painful relationship, I returned to Christ and completely surrendered my life to Him! What a journey it has been since! And now He's blessed me with the most awesome, loving, Christ-following man (Craig!) who will become my husband on 12/27/08! I am truly blessed and so thankful for God's grace and mercy in my life!

Jill :)