Saturday, August 02, 2008

One Year Ago

A year ago this past week Derry and I were contemplating a very important next step. We had received a phone call from a friend saying there was a teenage girl they knew who was looking to place her unborn child up for adoption. He wanted to throw it our way to let us process it.

We both weren't very sure about adoption for our next step. We pretty much ruled it out. Then a year ago I had a revelation..."We've gone through all of this heartache and struggle with not having a child of our own, why not at least check it out."

So I told Derry and it made sense to him as well. We decided to give this family a call.

Even though I was extremely nervous and freaked out of my mind, I called the mother of this teenage girl. Immediately my heart broke for this young girl in the tough decision she had to make. I couldn't imagine how confusing it had to be for her.

Once I got off the phone with her mother, I knew that God had chosen this baby girl to be raised in our home.

Sure over the next couple of months, I had many doubts. Mostly they were fears because I didn't want to be hurt and disappointed. I had 6 years of that and my heart just couldn't take much more. Fortunately, that didn't happen. We were chosen to raise this little one.


So, many thanks go out.

God, thanks for speaking so loudly to me that day at the lake. My life is forever changed.

Thanks to Katlynn's birthmom for choosing life and choosing us.

Thanks to the many who have prayed for years with us for a baby.

Life is so cool! God is so cool!

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