Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Biking Time!

I love spring for various reasons.
One of them: BIKING STARTS!!

Today, Kellie and I went for a ride. A start toward our century (100 miles in a day).
Today we rode 16 miles! YAY!

This difference about this year...I have a road bike! It is awesome!
Brad and Kellie fixed up one of their old ones and gave it to me.
They are so cool!

This is Kellie and I after our ride!

We are looking for a good century.
Does anyone know of one?

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Michelle said...

Hey Janelle,
I work for an avid biker who does various races and rides all year long, and I asked him where would be a good 100 mile ride for you. He said that on June 21 the PumpkinVine Trail ride in Goshen is happening. This ride's longest distance is 112 miles and they have food/drink stops for you along the way. The website is:

He also said that on May 3 in Winona Lake is a 62 mile ride called the Fat and Skinny Tire ride or something like that.

Just some options. If you need anything else let me know. My boss has a TON of information about biking and different rides throughout the season!

-Michelle Mast