Saturday, March 29, 2008

Children's Resale at WMC

This morning my alarm went off at 6:30. Regardless of what you may think 6:30 is very early for me. I'm lucky that Katylynn's wake up time is 7:30-8:00.

Anyway, the alarm went off and Derry had to hit me. It's funny that a beeping alarm doesn't wake me up anymore, but a little girl laughing does. I guess its all what you train yourself to.

I was at Mindy's house by 7 and we were off to get some tea and then to Wakarusa Missionary Church to the children's resale. I heard it was pretty amazing, but WOW. .SO COOL!!

They hit it out of the park in many ways.

  1. The organization and flow of the event was very well organized. There were TONS of people there and from an outsiders view, it ran smoothly
  2. Meeting the needs of your community. They definitely met the needs of their neighbors and what was cool they did it with so much grace and love. The church was being the church. Serving, loving and meeting needs
  3. Serving & Loving People. This is coupled with the previous one, but every staff person was calm, helpful and just serving away. I never saw anyone stressed out or frustrated among their staff.
  4. They graciously gave information about their church in a non-threatening way. They attached a sheet to the receipt that gave info for the next sale as well as the programs that would be applicable for parents.
From one who has organized and help run large events, I understand how difficult it can be.


Great Job Waky!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words! My name is Dawn Birr and I am on the executive team for the Waky Children's resale. We so appreciate your kind words. I'm glad you had a great time shopping! It was amazing to see all the people there on Saturday morning. This event has really turned into the awesome ministry event that it was planned to be in the beginning. Pray for us as we plan the fall resale!

Anonymous said...

Hey! You all will want to check out the fall/winter sale scheduled for September 6th. 200 Sellers and a twin/triplets Boutique in addition to too many great items to count. Twin/Triplet sellers are still be accepted. Go to for more info! See you at the sale!
Sarah Freitas