Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2 Funny Katylynn Moments

I've often shared how Katylynn cracks me up. Yesterday was no exception. She had two great moments.

I brought Katylynn into the bathroom with me while I got ready. I searched the bathroom to give her something to play with. I finally found my headband. I figured it couldn't hurt her and she might find it interesting.

I left her for a couple of minutes and when I saw her again, she looked like this:

Needless to say I hysterically laughed. At first Katylynn smiled, then she realized I was laughing at her and she began crying. Oh, but it was too funny. How in the world did she manage to wrap it around her head? Too great!!

The second one happened last night. I poured a bowl of cereal and placed it near her. Next thing I know she had my spoon in her hand and cereal on the floor. It was remarkable. I didn't know she could reach it. It happened so quickly. All I could do was laugh!

Ok one more...here is a funny picture from her last photo shoot.

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