Monday, October 29, 2007

The gift of a Stranger

Last week I had the privilege to assist in the food pantry at NMC. It was pretty remarkable. The tables started looking like this and we were happy.

Although we hoped more would come in, this was a good start. But I never thought people would poor out their love like this...

A Couple of Stories:
A woman came in carrying 10 bags of groceries. As the conversation continued we found out that her house was leveled in the tornado. When told that she should be getting things from here, not donating, her response: I have insurance, others don't. They need this more than I do.

Friday afternoon an older man and woman came into the food bank and said, "We are from Florida and our RV is being worked on at Newmar. We were just wondering if we can help out anywhere." I said yes and thus began a cool friendship. Frank & Carole were there names. They came back everyday and worked 8-10 hours. Such a cool couple. I learned a lot from them.

Plus many more cool ones...

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