Friday, September 28, 2007

A Day of Accomplishments

Today was a pretty BIG day for me.

First off I woke up this morning, stepped on the scale and noticed that
I have lost 30 pounds
Only 10 more to go!

The Second is an even bigger accomplishment.
Today Kellie and I rode 62.20 miles
Here is proof that I did that!

The Details:
1. Biked 62.60 Miles
2. Rode for 5 Hours
3. 3300 Calories Burn
4. 1 tired Butt
5. 2 tired legs
6. 1 tired girl

Lots of Biking, Lots of Talking, Lots of Fun,

Great day!
Way to go Kellie!

1 comment:

Jen Bontrager said...

You are amazing! Doesn't your butt hurt for days after a ride like that? Congrats on the weight loss too!