Friday, November 17, 2006

A Letter...

Yesterday I received a letter from India. A letter from my two friends, Pinky & Priyanka. I was so excited. I have made some friends in different countries, but never as close as them. This was my first letter from another country.

Both are doing well. They are some of the sweetest girls I've ever made. Their life desire: To follow God and do all that he has called them to. They put me to shame.

My favorite part: "Give our heartful love to your youth group "pinkies" and tell them that there is also a pinky who is a member of thier group. We love you, our unseen "pinkie" friends."

If you heard my stories, you will know that I gave Pinky my Pinkies shirt and told her she was now a part of our group. I love the fact that they love the same students I love and they have never met them. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

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