Monday, September 18, 2006

10 years come and gone

Saturday Night Derry and I went to Fort Wayne for my 10 year class reunion. I was so freaked out to go. You know all of those insecurities in high school come back. It was very interesting. I had tons of fun. It was kinda nice to hang out with a bunch of people who are my age for a change. My life is so consumed with ministry, that I very seldom get to hang out with people my own age. It was refreshing.

On the way there, I was telling Derry the list of people I hope to be there. Everyone I mentioned was there.

Megan--Now lives in NYC working as a realtor.
Baker--Now lives in North Carolina working with the Tar Heels (her favorite team of all time)
Missy--Now lives in Bluffton. She is a full time mom of 3 kids.
Corkhead--Still lives in Fort Wayne and stays at home with her little girl.
Amy K-- Still lives in Fort Wayne, staying at home with her 2 kids and one on the way.
Jen-- Lives in Indy and I just can't remember what she does.
Jacki--Lives in Chicago working in a high school
Many more at various places doing a numerous things.

Great time, Great laughter and reminiscing

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