Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i've been tagged

So my loving husband tagged me. Here are the answers to his questions.

According to YOUR personal opinion, answer these questions...
ONE of your Favorite Movie MOMENTS of All Time: In the"Notebook" when you find out this is the couples story.

ONE of the Greatest Episodes of what TV show ever: "the Cosby Show" (When Theo and Heithclif use Monopoly Money to discribe the cost of living)

One movie that made you LAUGH out loud many times: "Clue"

ONE TV show that you wish you could be on: "The Amazing Race"

ONE of your Favorite SONGS of all time: "Your Love is Deep"

ONE song you wish YOU wrote: Don't have one

ONE of the GREATEST movies that NOBODY has seen: "Benny & Joon"

ONE song that truly MOVES you: "Beautiful" by Jenni Owens

ONE movie that truly MOVED you: "Saving Private Ryan"

ONE MOVIE that you cried at: "Notebook"

MOST PLAYED song on your IPOD to date: Superchick....any one of them.

ONE MOVIE that you love that would SUPRISE others to know: "Finding Neverland"

The MOST RECENT album you purchased/downloaded: Michael Buble'

that changed your life > Mother Teresa Biography

that you've read more than once > Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

that made you cry > Through the Gates of Splendor by Elizabeth Elliot

you are currently reading > Mother Teresa Biography

TAG YOU ARE IT! Now let's see if some folks want to play!Rules: Helps if they have a blog, Helps if they play along, Helps if they TAG 5 more! Here we go... Kelsey Bender, Terry Linhart, the Big Snooze, Katherine Ufkin, Rita Haupltli

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Laura_Lou said...

I need to talk to you, whats your email?