Saturday, July 08, 2006

Part of the Cool Crowd

So, I've decided to join the cult. Yeah Xanga was a part of past, but that quickly died. I'm pretty sure this too will die in time. But for will be fun!

Who Am I?
Janelle Prenkert, the wife of the great Derry Prenkert.
Janelle Prenkert, photographer and owner of Prenkert photography.
Janelle Prenert, Student Ministries Assistant at NMC.
Janelle Prenkert, daughter of Dave & Pat Lister of Fort Wayne.

Janelle Prenkert...Nice to meet you!

What I enjoy?
* Taking Pictures
* Cycling
* Planting and caring for flowers
* Hanging out with my friends and playing with their children
* Going to movies with my husband...I'm not one to go by myself, like him.
* Watching TV and Hanging out with my Hubby.

What am I scared of?
*Big bugs that get in my personal space
*People hating me
*People disowning me.

Maybe someday I will expound on the final category.

Thanks for being intrigued!!

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