Friday, July 14, 2006

I Missed You...

Yes, we've returned from camp. It was a great week, but man am I exhausted! Derry says I look like warmed over death. Check out this picture. The funny thing is I'm trying to look more awake.

It was a great week and God spoke to me in a mighty way. After I've completely processed it, I will be glad to share it with you.

Back to the picture. Notice I'm in Derry's office. I'm waiting for him to gather some stuff up for speaking on Sunday and I decided to write a little ditty. Not really sure what "a little ditty" is, but hey, look at my picture...enough said!

I'm currently listening to the podcast of Simply Youth Ministry. It makes me laugh a ton! The best is when i'm biking and i'm laughing outloud. People who drive by just look at me funny, so I laugh even harder!

I will post either later today or sometime this weekend of some pictures of camp. I love my new Digital Rebel!! If you would like to read more about camp, check out Derry's blog.

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