Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Life, what is it worth? What is the purpose of Life? I'm currently watching One Tree Hill. I know, a teenie tv show. Yeah, but let's get past that. Last week they showed the high school having a shooting and two people died. Tonight's episode was dealing with the aftermath.

This got me thinking, what is life worth? What is the purpose? Why are we here? Why am I here? Is it to live with as much as possible? To buy everything to make life "happy"? To live with the purpose to make sure everything and everyone is alright? To live with family and friends all around? To fulfill every dream? To live for God? To live for myself? What is the purpose?

There are times when I believe that having everything material will bring peace and joy. There are times when I do everything to make sure those in my life are ok. There are times when all I want and need is family and friends around to bring that peace. Sometimes all I want is God to fulfill my greatest dream. Sometimes I live only for God, sometimes I live only for myself.

So what is the answer?
Why am I here?
why are we here?

Honestly, I'm not quite sure.

Church Answer: To live for God.

Janelle Answer: Trust, believe, obey, trust.

So, what if you were asked to give up your biggest dream and desire for exchange of peace and joy, would you do it? I mean your absolute BIGGEST dream...would you do it. Would I do it? What if you would never get that dream back? Would you do it? Would I do it?

I've given it, but what does that mean? What is next? So back to the orignial question, what is my purpose in life? I've given it all...what's next? To Trust...that is next.

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ashley lantz said...

very good thoughts. I don't know what i would do. I try to give up what thought consumes me and leave it to God but then I seem to worry and try to make it happen again and then I give it up and then take it back. Sometimes I feel my my desires are answered in everyone else and then i get mad. What a vicious cycle that one day I will be completely free from. until then I just keep praying. So, to answer your question I think that my desire is so strong now to think of giving it up forever would be horrible. Though to be without peace would not be fun. I want option #3 ... all of the above. Maybe, someday?